Meet the Team!
Meet the Team!
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Making a video game takes a lot of hands


We engineer our games on many different platforms. Most of our games are made in the Unreal Engine. We do our best to make sure all our mechanics work smoothly and efficiently.


We have a partnership with Muscape Studios. They customize pieces of all kinds to help us create amazing works of art. Click HERE to visit their site. They do more than just music for video games!

Voice Acting

We have amazingly talented actors working with us. Having quality voice acting is essential to making a great game. Listen to some of our trailers and hear them for yourself.


Everyone on our team works hard to make high quality products. We do this because we love what we do. This is our passion, let us make it yours as well!

Check out our latest project

Alone is a first-person, mystery, horror game. You're inside an abandoned house haunted by a demon who preys on people’s darkest secrets...

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The ones who make it all possible

Aleksander Vargas

Aleksander Vargas

Founder, Lead Engineer, Voice Actor

The founder of True Nightmare. Aleksander is deeply passionate about game design. He is the sole programmer for ‘Alone’.

Tyler Olsen

Tyler Olsen

Music Composer, Muscape Studios

Creator of Muscape Studios, Tyler has wonderfully crafted the music behind 'Alone'. Take a listen to the game’s demo or to the trailer.

Brian Hubbard

Brian Hubbard

Recording Engineer, Voice Director

Brian has extensive experience in audio post-production. He has worked on films, music, animation and video games.

Erica Smith

Erica Smith

Voice Actress: Sophia [Alone]

Erica is a talented young actress from the California Bay Area. She has several years of experience in the realms of voice over, stage, and film

Isobel Beaman

Isobel Beaman

Voice Actress: Mother [Alone], Tristan [Alone]

A remarkable talent, Isobel is a California-based actress with extensive experience in stage and voice over.

Deborah Royter

Maria Mancera

Art, Character Design

An amazing 2D artist, Maria helped create all of the assets for 'Cuties Dungeon'!

Brandon Le

Brandon Le

Character Modeler: Eayan [Alone]

A talented modeler, Brandon has done models with DOTA and CS GO. His skills created one of our scariest monsters.

Aaron Stedman

Aaron Stedman

Rigging, Animator

New to the team, Aaron has done animation for our games. His quality work shows in our game ‘Alone’.

Bryan Nguyen

Bryan Nguyen

Programmer, Debugger

Bryan has helped on some of our games. Providing strong feedback for gameplay and pointing out necessary bugs.

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